Tips to Streamline Your Cooling Tower Maintenance

Cooling towers are widely used to keep large facilities comfortable and cool. Cooling towers are the size of Large Dinosaurs and keeping them working in top condition can take some work, especially if you fall behind on your maintenance schedule. It is not difficult to keep your towers humming; it just takes some dedication to the process and the time to do so. This blog entry is going to suggest some ways you can stay ahead on maintenance and keep your cooling towers working efficiently without having to break your budget.

Make needed updates

Cooling towers are a large investment to have installed as a part of your facilities operations. That kind of investment is meant to last and that means there are plenty of cooling towers out there that have already seen decades of service. These towers can stay efficient because their owners have made necessary upgrades as time when on and innovations were made. Keeping up with the times in regard to your cooling tower will maintain and even increase the efficiency of your tower’s performance.

Make and execute a plan

Developing a methodology for the upkeep of your towers is both extremely important and massively beneficial.  It takes time to learn your towers and their idiosyncrasies, but once you have a good idea on their behavior you can draw up a standard procedure for all to follow in regard to maintaining your cooling towers.

Collect as much data as possible

As stated above, it takes time to learn the behavior patterns of your cooling tower.  In the initial stages and beyond, collecting as much data about the various aspects of your cooling towers will arm you to be able to keep them running well with the least amount of effort put into their upkeep. Streamlining the maintenance process is only possible with enough data available to do so.


Cooling Tower Fill Types

At first assumption one would probably believe water to be the core of the cooling towers operations, however the real star of the show are the fills or wet decks.  Fills provide the cooling tower operation with extra surface area for the water in the tower to be exposed to air and absolutely maximize the evaporation process. There are several types of fills out there and different types of cooling towers will utilize different fill types depending on their methodology when it comes to creating evaporation. We will outline a few different fill types in brief in order to set you on the path to furthering your understanding of how cooling towers actually work!

Splash Fills:

Splash fills work by breaking up the flow of water crating droplets by ‘splashing’ the water. The droplets evaporate quickly and increase the rate of evaporation in the right conditions and tower. As the water descends  various splash fills increasingly break down the water into smaller and smaller droplets that have air flowing against the descending water.

Film Fills:

Film Fills operate by spreading water into a thin flowing layer over a large surface area exposed to air flowing across the water in order to extract heat and elevate it out of the tower.  There are patterns on the fill called flutes to help control how the water flows and to keep it at the desirable level for the evaporation to happen at the rate the tower operator is looking for. The goal of the flutes is to have the water take the longest possible route across the fill so air has the most time possible to do it’s part of the evaporative process that the tower is designed to perform.

The fills listed above present different advantages and disadvantages and there really is no right choice. The main factor in deciding which one to choose is the process they will be deployed to be a part of. This is a very brief description and there is definitely plenty more to learn. All Kote Lining inc is happy to answer any questions you may have and to assist you with any of your cooling tower needs.


Your Damaged Concrete Floor Could Be Damaging Your Forklifts

If you have damaged concrete floors in your facility you not only run the risk of lost efficiency and unsightly patches of your flooring, you may also be damaging and accelerating the wear and tear on your forklifts. It may seem easier and cheaper to repair your forklifts instead of repairing your concrete flooring, but it is not the case over time and you may push your forklifts to the point that replacements could be necessary.  The prospect of having a floor repaired in uncomfortable because it brings a lot of inconvenient possibilities into the fold such as temporary closures and interruptions to everyday functions. Those inconvenient possibilities pale in scale to having to potentially replace your fleet of forklifts or constantly have them repaired throughout their serviceable lifetimes.  Once your floor is repaired the right way, the temporary inconveniences listed above will prove to be worth dealing with as your floor and facility return to optimum levels of efficiency and performance. Those forklifts will enjoy the benefit of increased longevity and you will enjoy the benefit of not footing all of those repair bills constantly.

Both your flooring and your forklift fleet are major investments that are integral to the overall success of your operation. If you floor in such disrepair that it damages your forklifts you will actually see your investments working against each other and harming the overall durability and serviceable lifetime of the forklifts. Keeping both your flooring and your forklift fleet in good working condition is integral to the success level that will be possible for your operation.

Making sure you find the right company to come to your facility in order to assess and ultimately repair your floor is very important and can save you a lot of headaches.   All Kote Lining Inc in the Phoenix, AZ metro area will provide the results you desire with our valley leading concrete flooring restoration services. A member of our team will come out to your facility, inspect the situation and make recommendations to you while explain your options and pricing quote. Once you have made your decision our team will quickly attend to the damaged portions of your floor and be out of your facility as soon as possible. Give us a call today at (480)966-4446 and let us get your concrete flooring back in top shape!


Care For Your Epoxy Floor, Love Your Epoxy Floor

Aesthetic appeal can go a long way when it comes to presenting your business and maintaining a positive flow in your work environment. Many establishments use the setting to frame whatever products or services they showcase and many of them augment that ‘framing’ with a nice, classy looking epoxy floor. Having a quality epoxy floor installed is a sizable investment and it would greatly benefit your bottom line if you thoroughly take care of your floor. Epoxy flooring is easy to take care of so there really is no excuse for not keeping your floor maintained and presentable.

The first step in this process is the installation. Using a reputable epoxy flooring installation company is very important because a floor that is improperly installed will not last as long or be as easily maintained as a floor that has been efficiently and thoroughly installed. Spending a little more up front can save you from having to spend a lot more to redo the process later on.  All Kote Lining Inc in Phoenix, AZ  is a leader in epoxy flooring in Arizona and guarantees your satisfaction with their epoxy floor installations.

Keeping your floors clean will help lengthen the window of maximum efficiency and the overall life of your epoxy coat. Liquid spills should be quickly tended to when they occur as they are can do more damage than almost any other form of wear and tear that an epoxy coated floor will see. Certain types of liquids can quickly damage the coat if not cleaned up immediately, like milk for example.  Removing residue from tire marks is also important. General every day upkeep is also needed so the shining coat of the epoxy can be maintained.

Keeping your investment in your epoxy floor performing at the level you desire is a matter of taking some time out of your day every day to keep it making your facility and products looking as good as they should! Your flooring is a major part of any presentation of any product or service that you offer and the condition of it could be the difference between growing your business with new customers and watching people walk by or come in before leaving shortly afterward. Epoxy floors require minimal maintenance, so why would you not take great care of your epoxy flooring?? It’s easy and almost effortless and the benefits of doing so far outweigh any benefit you can gain from saving a few extra minutes instead of attending to your flooring. Love your floor.


All Kote Lining Inc

If you are looking for the premier cooling tower service and epoxy coating company in the Valley of the Sun in AZ, look no further than All Kote Lining Inc. Located in Phoenix, All Kote offers repair service, maintenance service, installations and replacements of cooling towers of all types and sizes. The health of your cooling tower can have a massive effect on your business on multiple fronts. Keeping your facility comfortable for your employees is vital to the efficiency with which your staff performs their respective duties.  Aside from comfort level, keeping your towers clean and up to standard can eliminate literal health risks as legionella can develop in the pools of unkept cooling towers. Decreased efficiency and a legionella bloom can be easily avoided with keeping tabs on the condition of your cooling towers and actively practicing beneficial maintenance habits. Your cooling towers are a major investment and All Kote fully understands the depth of that fact, which is why they take such care to ensure your tower is brought to its best possible working condition. All Kote can truly help you get the most out of your cooling towers while saving you money over the long term.

If you are looking for coatings for you cooling tower or your concrete flooring, All Kote also has you covered in both realms. The Coating experts at All Kote will suggest the best course of action to take to coat your Cooling towers and concrete floors. The experienced team will lay out a plan that will fit your budget and needs all while guaranteeing your satisfaction with the end results. All Kote Lining Inc has left a long line of satisfied customers throughout Arizona and that line is sure to grow longer. Call All Kote Lining Inc today and see why there is such a legion of satisfied clientele.

Cooling Tower Rentals – Portable Cooling Towers


Cooling tower rentals or portable cooling towers started appearing around 1980 and modular cooling towers started appearing around the 1990’s. Today the portable cooling tower industry is booming more than ever . Some companies would rather rent cooling towers instead of having them manufactured because there is as much of a need more cool water like traditional cooling towers. Also, because they are easier to fund without using capital.

Due to the environmental impact on water life, power plants are forced to preserve low water temperatures from the river or lake they pump from. This impacts the energy a plant can produce especially during the summer time when water temperature is already higher than other parts of the year. Renting cooling towers can help the plant keep water temperatures lower than required giving them the capability of running full potential all summer long.

Cooling Tower Rentals

Cooling tower rentals can also be used during a repair or replacement of your existing cooling tower to keep your plant up and running without needed shut downs. Portable Cooling towers are just like the radiator in your car, if there is no water, overheating starts and can eventually damage other equipment. Cooling tower rentals can save you millions of dollars in saved revenue from not having to shut down.

Fix Crack In Concrete With Epoxy Crack Injections

how to fix cracks in concrete with epoxy crack injections

If you have horizontal or vertical cracks in your concrete floors or sidewalks, repairing them with cement will not be your best option. The best option to fix cracks in your concrete floors is to use an epoxy crack injection kit. Sealing the missing parts in the concrete will help prevent further deterioration of the concrete and also prevent water from seeping in and causing damage to the rebar.

Step BY Step Concrete Restoration:

Step 1. In order to rehabilitate the concrete, use your epoxy filler paste to fill in the outside of the crack. Sealing the outside before installing the ports will help keep the lower viscosity epoxy from seeping out while you are installing your injection ports.

Step 2. Install your epoxy injection ports into the concrete.

Step 3. Once the epoxy paste hardens, you will be able to use a caulk gun to fill in the whole with more low viscosity epoxy into the crack starting with the lowest points first. This will ensure that the epoxy penetrates as deep as possible and creates the strongest bond.

Step 4. Make sure you have completely filled all of the wholes.

Step 5. Allow the recommended time to cure.

Step 6. Once the epoxy has cured, you can now remove the ports and chip away any excess epoxy to make the filler flush with the rest of the concrete.

That should fix the crack in your concrete. If you need any help with your concrete restoration project, feel free to give us a call. We are professional concrete floor restoration contractors in Phoenix, AZ.


Keeping Up Your Chiller Tubes

Chiller tubes can use an incredible amount of energy, up to 50% of all energy used at a facility at peak times.  That can be an astronomical number and can effect your margins greatly if you aren’t getting the most out of the energy going into your chiller tubes.

Chiller tubes cans see up to a 35% reduction in overall efficiency if your cooling towers are poorly maintained or dirty. That is important for a couple reasons; A) You are losing a lot of money by paying for energy that isn’t necessarily being used effectively and B) You are making your chiller work harder than necessary to achieve results it could reach much easier if maintained which can drastically reduce the lifespan of your chiller tube. Maintaining your cooling towers does cost a good amount of money but the amount pales in comparison to the cost of replacing chiller tubes or entire cooling towers. That is the kind of expense that can cripple a business.

Keeping maintenance consistent is key as having as much data about your towers and their current condition can help you catch problems in their early stages instead of when they mature and become potentially problematic to other components in the cooling tower/chiller tube.  Legionnaire’s disease is commonly found in the pools of poorly maintained cooling towers along with other organisms that quickly breed and can potentially clog the system.

Make sure your waterways are clear as they can bring in sediment and particles from outside of the tower and introduce them into the inner workings of your towers. Keeping the water ways from collecting build up is important when it comes to keeping your pools clean and water clear of contaminates. It may seem like a lot to maintain your chiller tubes frequently, but it is well worth it to keep them working as close to 100% efficiency as possible.


Cooling Towers 102

Cooling tower class is officially back in session, welcome to Cooling Towers 102! Before moving into new material, we will start with a review of basic cooling tower function. Cooling Towers are used to extract heat from water that is sprayed along fills that line the tower’s interior. The natural process of evaporation is artificially enacted and the extracted heat is passed out of the tower through the top in a cloud of steam. There are different types of cooling towers that use different fills and water/air distribution systems. No matter the methodology, cooling towers all serve the same purpose to extract and expel heat from water so it can be sent back into the main facility for use.  Cooling towers can also be used for air conditioning in certain scenarios.

Cooling towers effectively serve as main components for air conditioning, heating ventilation and industries that use large amounts of water for cooling, ie power plants. They are desirable because they are very cost effective for the purpose they are used for. Thousands of large scale facilities use massive amounts of water for cooling purposes. Large buildings use cooling towers in order to effectively cool and heat the entire structure.

There are risks associated with cooling towers that need to be kept in mind if employing the use of one. Cooling tower pools are prone to growing the Legionella bacteria if they are cleaned and maintained routinely and efficiently. Legionella loves heat and thrives in warm and moist environments and cooling towers provide and ideal environment for the propagation of Legionella which can cause Legionaires disease if the bacteria is breathed in. Making sure cooling towers are cleaned and maintained is of the utmost importance.

This concludes Cooling Towers 102, we shall return in time with Cooling towers 201 next term. Until then, happy cooling, students.


Cooling Tower Cleaning is Important!

Cleaning cooling towers is an enormous undertaking that involves steps that could include having to shut down your entire operation. When cleaning one of your towers it would be ideal to be able to divert the water flowing through the tower that is being cleaned to another tower where the heat extraction process can continue. If it is not possible for you to divert the water flow to an adjacent tower then you most likely will have to close operations until the cleaning of your tower is finished.

If it’s been a good amount of time since you cleaned your tower you most likely will have sludge build up present as well as mineral deposits that have developed. The sludge can be especially odorous and is a testament to why regular cleaning and maintenance are highly recommended. Delaying proper cleansing can also lead to issues with internal components of your cooling tower which will lead to slowed production and ultimately less money coming in. Aside from a possible drop in production, if pushed out too far, your cooling tower components could outright fail and need to be completely replaced which would both further the delay of your operations resuming and cost you a good amount of money.

Cooling towers are a major part of any operation that they are a component of and if they are present, it is because they are necessary for the process being carried out. If a cooling tower experiences issues, the entire operation is experiencing issues. Regular maintenance for not only your cooling tower, but all components of your facility is necessary in order to maximize production, efficiency and profitability. Pushing back cleaning and maintenance may seem like a smart move to save money in the immediate, but you may see the consequences in the future. Do it when it needs to be done, you’ll never regret it.