Benefits of Epoxy Coating for Your Concrete Flooring

If you want to coat you concrete floor with a coating that will last for decades, you should strongly consider an epoxy coat. There are many advantages to coating your concrete floor with epoxy that we are going to outline here in this blog entry.  Many homes and facilities utilize some form of concrete flooring for many reasons. Usually the areas that have concrete flooring see heavier forms of traffic or elements that can be damaging or corrosive. This being the case, measures should be taken to protect your floor to ensure its durability over the long run.

Epoxy can be mixed with other elements to create hybridized coats that can be tailored to fit the environment that they will be residing in. Things like quartz, marble and glass can be added to enhance the physical durability. You can use epoxy resin for acrylic applications. You can put in additives to enhance water proofing capabilities, chemical erosion resistance, stain resistance as well as static resistance among many more. You truly can find an appropriate epoxy coating to fit into any scenario. You can even concoct a coating that will be antimicrobial in order to reduce the transmission of germs and illness.

Aside from the functional benefits that are possible to attain from the right epoxy coating, you can greatly enhance the look of your office or facility as these coatings can be installed in an artistic fashion. You can include logos, abstract designs, color changes, messages, and graphics of  all types to make your floor pop and serve as an elegant frame for the rest of the space. In places like auto dealerships and plane hangars, the right flooring serves as an element of the sales display and can actually enhance the way the products on display appear.


Choosing the Right Flooring for Function and Aesthetic

Making changes to your flooring is always a major undertaking. Whether you are refinishing your floor or installing a new flooring system, many considerations will need to be made before the floor is set in place and finished.


We all want flooring that is visually appealing, but the first factor that should be considered is the functionality of the flooring. Whatever the needs of your home or facility are, making sure they are met is imperative when it comes to keeping operations moving. If you have a great looking floor that slows down the pace of your living or work space, you are sacrificing efficiency for aesthetic appeal. That can be a costly mistake, literally.

Flooring Style:

Matching the aesthetic of the surroundings will only enhance the visual effect that your floor contributes to the room. Choosing the right material and colors can really bring a room or facility together, visually, and can augment the atmosphere of your home or business in a major way. Custom designs can be incorporated, whether it’s a company logo or related art, or an abstract piece meant to break the visual monotony, you can add a unique touch to your flooring by making it a piece of art.


You can have your floor colored in any shade of any color so your options are literally endless. Colors can be mixed or different colors can be used to bring together other visual elements in the environment so the visual aesthetic can have a natural flow.


While you may be dreaming of the most amazing floor that any eyes have ever seen, being realistic about your budget is something that you absolutely must stick to. Go with the best flooring options that you can truly afford. Odds are you will be satisfied.