Fix Crack In Concrete With Epoxy Crack Injections

how to fix cracks in concrete with epoxy crack injections

If you have horizontal or vertical cracks in your concrete floors or sidewalks, repairing them with cement will not be your best option. The best option to fix cracks in your concrete floors is to use an epoxy crack injection kit. Sealing the missing parts in the concrete will help prevent further deterioration of the concrete and also prevent water from seeping in and causing damage to the rebar.

Step BY Step Concrete Restoration:

Step 1. In order to rehabilitate the concrete, use your epoxy filler paste to fill in the outside of the crack. Sealing the outside before installing the ports will help keep the lower viscosity epoxy from seeping out while you are installing your injection ports.

Step 2. Install your epoxy injection ports into the concrete.

Step 3. Once the epoxy paste hardens, you will be able to use a caulk gun to fill in the whole with more low viscosity epoxy into the crack starting with the lowest points first. This will ensure that the epoxy penetrates as deep as possible and creates the strongest bond.

Step 4. Make sure you have completely filled all of the wholes.

Step 5. Allow the recommended time to cure.

Step 6. Once the epoxy has cured, you can now remove the ports and chip away any excess epoxy to make the filler flush with the rest of the concrete.

That should fix the crack in your concrete. If you need any help with your concrete restoration project, feel free to give us a call. We are professional concrete floor restoration contractors in Phoenix, AZ.

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