Water Storage Tank Coatings

Water Storage Tank Coatings

Regardless of the material used in the storage of water storage tanks there is an element of degradation. We need water to live, and it’s used in countless production processes. Having reliable water storage tank coatings is a must for all Phoenix water storage tanks. Water causes nitrification, deterioration and corrosion depending on which type of material is used to build the tank that holds the water. Popular choices in water storage tanks are concrete, steel, and fiberglass.

Steel Water Storage Tanks

Like all types of metal steel water storage tanks are vulnerable to corrosion. They are widely used and require regular inspection and maintenance. They can be coated both on the inside and outside to provide optimal corrosion resistance.

Exterior coatings help protect the outside of the tank from acid rain, sun exposure and premature breakdown of the metal. Interior coatings are critical in safely storing the water in your storage tanks. Coatings in steel water storage tanks are applied at the time of construction or installation and should be monitored and cared for over time to ensure that the tanks are serving the community or industry properly.

Concrete Water Storage Tanks

These tanks may seem like they are built from the strongest material possible. With time, salt and sulfate build up, and the expansion from heat and cold the tanks can deteriorate and crack.

Polyurethane or epoxy coatings are effective treatments to shore up these cracks and deterioration. The coatings also act to guard the concrete from the affects of the sulfates and salt that water can sometimes carry. Coating concrete water storage tanks when they are installed, and reapplying the coatings over time helps ensure the longevity of your storage tank and lower cost.

Fiberglass Water Storage Tanks

These tanks are poplar and widely used for the storage of water. However they are susceptible to the sun. These tanks can fade, change color and develop surface chalking in the intense heat and summer sun in Phoenix.

The most successful method of reinforcing these fiberglass water storage tanks is exterior coatings. This helps protect the tank from the UV exposure. Generally coatings are applied at or before the point of installation, but need to be maintained and reapplied as needed. For optimal bonding the surface needs to be completely clean and free of debris. It can also be prepared with roughing, much like sanding it provides a highly adhesive surface for the coating to adhere.

Surface Coatings For Water Storage Tanks

These coatings protect the interior of the water storage tanks from corrosion and deterioration. It does this by acting as a physical barrier that stand between the water and walls of the tank. Depending on what is being stored specifically some coatings also offer some protection against chemicals. Which coating is right for your tank is something you discuss with your coating contractor.

Above ground polyethylene or fiberglass tanks will require surface coatings on the walls to protect them from the damaging UV rays of the sun. This helps maintain the structural integrity and overall appearance of the water storage tank.

When To Get Your Water Storage Tank Coated

Knowing when to have your water storage tank serviced in Phoenix will help extend the life of your tank and help avoid any costly spills.  Clearly when you first install the water storage tank having the coating either applied by the manufacturer or immediately after installation is critical for its longevity.

After your tank is installed you should have coatings reapplied any time you see any of the following:

  • Leaks
  • Abrasive material in the water
  • Sun or UV damage
  • Cracks in the material
  • Scaling
  • Freezing weather
  • Tensile stresses
  • Calcium, iron, or biofilm deposits
  • Chlorine losses in stored water

Phoenix Water Storage Tank Coatings by All Kote Lining Inc

If you have a water storage tank in Phoenix regardless of the material it’s constructed with, it will need regular maintenance. We can help you inspect, maintain, re-coat and repair your water storage tanks. Give us a call today at 480-966-4446

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