Benefits of Stained Concrete

Concrete floors are widely utilized in many homes, industrial facilities and businesses across the world. You will find a varying concrete floors ranging from basic floors without any coating applied, floors that are polished and coated with various epoxy coats, floors that are stained and floors that are adorned with artistic designs. You can outfit your home or facility with a floor to suit almost any needs. In this blog entry we are going to go over some of the benefits of stained concrete floors.


The limitless nature of color application means that there are nearly limitless options for decorating your concrete floor. You can achieve deep and rich coloring in your flooring that can be enhanced with many possible effects. As long as you are willing to be creative and see your vision through, you can have a stained concrete floor that is unlike any other in the world.

Lifetime of Color

If you have a quality stain that has been properly applied, you will never see it fade. Not only will the color stay strong, you will not see chipping, peeling or flaking either. This happens because the stain works itself into deep levels of the concrete which will keep the color eternally rich.

Low Maintenance

Once the stain has been applied and sealed it will be protected from the wear and tear of every day traffic. Applying an epoxy coat will keep the seal intact for exponentially longer. After the application of the coat you will not have to do much in regard to maintaining your concrete flooring. Saving time on maintenance will turn into monetary savings as time goes on.

Whether you are looking for an aesthetic or functional upgrade, you will receive both by having a professionally stained and coated concrete floor.



Benefits of Epoxy Coating for Your Concrete Flooring

If you want to coat you concrete floor with a coating that will last for decades, you should strongly consider an epoxy coat. There are many advantages to coating your concrete floor with epoxy that we are going to outline here in this blog entry.  Many homes and facilities utilize some form of concrete flooring for many reasons. Usually the areas that have concrete flooring see heavier forms of traffic or elements that can be damaging or corrosive. This being the case, measures should be taken to protect your floor to ensure its durability over the long run.

Epoxy can be mixed with other elements to create hybridized coats that can be tailored to fit the environment that they will be residing in. Things like quartz, marble and glass can be added to enhance the physical durability. You can use epoxy resin for acrylic applications. You can put in additives to enhance water proofing capabilities, chemical erosion resistance, stain resistance as well as static resistance among many more. You truly can find an appropriate epoxy coating to fit into any scenario. You can even concoct a coating that will be antimicrobial in order to reduce the transmission of germs and illness.

Aside from the functional benefits that are possible to attain from the right epoxy coating, you can greatly enhance the look of your office or facility as these coatings can be installed in an artistic fashion. You can include logos, abstract designs, color changes, messages, and graphics of  all types to make your floor pop and serve as an elegant frame for the rest of the space. In places like auto dealerships and plane hangars, the right flooring serves as an element of the sales display and can actually enhance the way the products on display appear.


Choosing the Right Flooring for Function and Aesthetic

Making changes to your flooring is always a major undertaking. Whether you are refinishing your floor or installing a new flooring system, many considerations will need to be made before the floor is set in place and finished.


We all want flooring that is visually appealing, but the first factor that should be considered is the functionality of the flooring. Whatever the needs of your home or facility are, making sure they are met is imperative when it comes to keeping operations moving. If you have a great looking floor that slows down the pace of your living or work space, you are sacrificing efficiency for aesthetic appeal. That can be a costly mistake, literally.

Flooring Style:

Matching the aesthetic of the surroundings will only enhance the visual effect that your floor contributes to the room. Choosing the right material and colors can really bring a room or facility together, visually, and can augment the atmosphere of your home or business in a major way. Custom designs can be incorporated, whether it’s a company logo or related art, or an abstract piece meant to break the visual monotony, you can add a unique touch to your flooring by making it a piece of art.


You can have your floor colored in any shade of any color so your options are literally endless. Colors can be mixed or different colors can be used to bring together other visual elements in the environment so the visual aesthetic can have a natural flow.


While you may be dreaming of the most amazing floor that any eyes have ever seen, being realistic about your budget is something that you absolutely must stick to. Go with the best flooring options that you can truly afford. Odds are you will be satisfied.


Concrete Restoration

If you are the owner of an older facility that has concrete floors you may be thinking about improving the condition of your flooring. The need to Restore your concrete floor is inevitable and you will eventually need to take measures to keep your floor efficient and functional. Going through the process of concrete restoration will give your entire facility a rejuvenated look and feel. Not only will your floor be restored to an attractive and functional state, you will save money by not having to completely replace your concrete flooring. This can be a scary prospect for many people because many things come along with having your floor worked on, including possible work stoppages which can lead to losses. Many companies can work with you to avoid as much disturbance and inconvenience as possible. While there is some risk of experiencing these inconveniences, the benefits that you can gain from restoring your concrete floor are more than worth it.

During the process of restoring your concrete you can take measures to add desired traits to your floor. You can have coating applied that will add attributes like non-slip, stain guard, resistance to heavy traffic, and even decorative designs. Having a new coat applied to your restored concrete floor can significantly lower the amount of time you need to spend on maintenance and cleaning. Keeping your floor protected after restoration will go a long way in saving you money and time on another restoration as they will significantly increase the durability and longevity of the restored state of the floor. While it may not seem very noticeable, adding attributes to your flooring that can enhance the everyday operations that happen within your facility can lead to a major increase in efficiency as well as subsequent profits. Enhancing your floor is truly an investment that can pay for itself and then some over time, the caveat is having to make the initial investment up front, which can be substantial, in order to ever see those savings and augmented profits.

If you notice cracks and deterioration developing across your concrete floor you should address them as soon as possible. Allowing your floor to continue to deteriorate will only cost you more money when you do decide that it’s finally time to repair and restore your concrete flooring. Restoring and increasing the protective surface that covers your floor will cost you money up front, but will save you a ton of money on maintenance and repair costs that you would likely incur over the long run. Sometimes it takes money to save money and concrete flooring is one area where this notion is definitely true. Making the investment to restore your concrete floors can save you from the expense and hassle of having to totally replace your concrete flooring in the future. While it may seem like a sizable investment to restore your floor, it pales in comparison to the cost you will incur if you have to replace your entire floor. Have a strategy for your floor restoration and a plan on how to maximize its serviceable lifetime for your benefit. You will not regret it.


The Benefits of Concrete Grinding

If you are own a home or business that has concrete floors, grinding, or polishing, is a great way to restore your floor. There are several benefits to the process that you should strongly consider:

  1. Affordability: Your preexisting floor will be used as a base layer as opposed to being totally replaced. That alone saves you a lot of money as you won’t have to pay to demolish and remove you old floor and you won’t have the cost on the flip side of having to pay to have a new floor constructed. After constructing your floor, you are going to need to coat it as well. Grinding will allow you to avoid need to purchase or use any chemicals, which can also be expensive on top of being hazardous. You also will not need to use any chemicals to maintain or clean your floor.
  2. Easy to Clean: Polished floors are extremely easy to clean. Think of them as a giant nonstick surface. Dust and particles will not stick to your floor and will easily sweep away. Oils and lubricants won’t stain the floor and will only require a wash with cleaning detergent and a solid wipe down to bring the floor back to its shiny, polished state. You will save a lo t of money on cleaning and maintenance costs over the lifetime of your floor.
  3. Durability in Any Climate and Environment: Polished concrete flooring is extremely durable and can be deployed in any climate, interior or exterior, no matter the conditions. Unpolished concrete floors are susceptible to wind damage and cold, usually cracking on the surface.  No only will your floor be less efficient if it becomes cracked, it can grow to be unsightly as well. Polishing your concrete eliminates the possiblilyt of you concrete floor cracking due to cold and wind.