Finding A Full Service Cooling Tower and Flooring Maintenance Company.

If you are in the market for cooling tower services or flooring upgrades or repairs for your facility finding a company that can cover all aspects of cooling tower maintenance and flooring is ideal. Having the same entity handle all of your cooling tower maintenance and flooring needs is beneficial in many ways, the least of which is that over time the company will have intimate knowledge of your situation and that can greatly benefit and streamline the maintenance process. That is why we at All Kote Lining inc believe that taking a comprehensive approach to cooling tower and flooring maintenance is most beneficial to all involved, especially our customers.  In this blog we’ll outline some of the services we offer at All Kote Lining inc.

Coatings: We offer several fiberglass coating options for various applications. Over time the containment integrity of cooling towers and storage tanks can become compromised and will need some form of restoration.  All Kote is equipped to restore your fiberglass tanks, ceramic coating, steel tank, and sandblast your tanks and surfaces among several other services.

Cooling tower repairs: Cooling towers are large scale complex devices that can house many components that help them separate heat from water. Over time these components naturally wear down along with the overall structure of the tower. All Kote can repair your tower and its components and keep it operating at optimum levels.

Epoxy flooring: Keeping floors clean and conditioned is an important part of running any facility. Protective floor coatings wear down over time and lose much of their protective properties. Having your floor epoxy restored will improve both the look and performance of your facilities flooring.

Floor repairs: If your floor is cracked or damaged it can seriously effect your operation. Having your floor repaired and restored to ‘like new’ conditions will have your facility running on schedule and sporting the look that you want to portray to potential clientele and business partners.


Care For Your Epoxy Floor, Love Your Epoxy Floor

Aesthetic appeal can go a long way when it comes to presenting your business and maintaining a positive flow in your work environment. Many establishments use the setting to frame whatever products or services they showcase and many of them augment that ‘framing’ with a nice, classy looking epoxy floor. Having a quality epoxy floor installed is a sizable investment and it would greatly benefit your bottom line if you thoroughly take care of your floor. Epoxy flooring is easy to take care of so there really is no excuse for not keeping your floor maintained and presentable.

The first step in this process is the installation. Using a reputable epoxy flooring installation company is very important because a floor that is improperly installed will not last as long or be as easily maintained as a floor that has been efficiently and thoroughly installed. Spending a little more up front can save you from having to spend a lot more to redo the process later on.  All Kote Lining Inc in Phoenix, AZ  is a leader in epoxy flooring in Arizona and guarantees your satisfaction with their epoxy floor installations.

Keeping your floors clean will help lengthen the window of maximum efficiency and the overall life of your epoxy coat. Liquid spills should be quickly tended to when they occur as they are can do more damage than almost any other form of wear and tear that an epoxy coated floor will see. Certain types of liquids can quickly damage the coat if not cleaned up immediately, like milk for example.  Removing residue from tire marks is also important. General every day upkeep is also needed so the shining coat of the epoxy can be maintained.

Keeping your investment in your epoxy floor performing at the level you desire is a matter of taking some time out of your day every day to keep it making your facility and products looking as good as they should! Your flooring is a major part of any presentation of any product or service that you offer and the condition of it could be the difference between growing your business with new customers and watching people walk by or come in before leaving shortly afterward. Epoxy floors require minimal maintenance, so why would you not take great care of your epoxy flooring?? It’s easy and almost effortless and the benefits of doing so far outweigh any benefit you can gain from saving a few extra minutes instead of attending to your flooring. Love your floor.


Benefits of Epoxy Coating for Your Concrete Flooring

If you want to coat you concrete floor with a coating that will last for decades, you should strongly consider an epoxy coat. There are many advantages to coating your concrete floor with epoxy that we are going to outline here in this blog entry.  Many homes and facilities utilize some form of concrete flooring for many reasons. Usually the areas that have concrete flooring see heavier forms of traffic or elements that can be damaging or corrosive. This being the case, measures should be taken to protect your floor to ensure its durability over the long run.

Epoxy can be mixed with other elements to create hybridized coats that can be tailored to fit the environment that they will be residing in. Things like quartz, marble and glass can be added to enhance the physical durability. You can use epoxy resin for acrylic applications. You can put in additives to enhance water proofing capabilities, chemical erosion resistance, stain resistance as well as static resistance among many more. You truly can find an appropriate epoxy coating to fit into any scenario. You can even concoct a coating that will be antimicrobial in order to reduce the transmission of germs and illness.

Aside from the functional benefits that are possible to attain from the right epoxy coating, you can greatly enhance the look of your office or facility as these coatings can be installed in an artistic fashion. You can include logos, abstract designs, color changes, messages, and graphics of  all types to make your floor pop and serve as an elegant frame for the rest of the space. In places like auto dealerships and plane hangars, the right flooring serves as an element of the sales display and can actually enhance the way the products on display appear.