Maintaining Your Concrete Floor Pt. 1

Concrete floors are easy to maintain and offer several advantages to high traffic and heavy duty facilities.  While it is extremely durable, there are a few things that concrete floors are susceptible to that should be attended to as they are easily avoidable.  Concrete floors can crack and those cracks can become potentially problematic if not quickly repaired. Mildew can also spread across the floor in environments with moisture present.  We will outline a few ways that you can augment the longevity of your concrete floor and keep your facility running clean and efficiently.  This is part 1, we will outline more methods next week in part 2. Without further ado, here is you the beginning of our list!

  1. Keep substances from building up on you floor: Keeping your floor swept and clear of dust buildup will keep your floor both safe and presentable. Dust is not the only substance that will build up on your floor, water and chemical spills can sit and erode at your floor and it’s coating if left unattended. Mopping and sweeping are important everyday steps that should be taken in order to ensure long lasting service from your concrete floor.
  2. Remove Stains: Certain substances can actually stain your concrete floor and leave it with an unattractive and glaring blemish. Some stains can be completely lifted with the proper cleaning materials, but the best way to prevent stains to clean all spills immediately. Removing stains that have set in can be painstaking and time consuming and the longer a substance sits, the more deeply set the stain will be in the pours of your concrete floor.


Next week we will return to briefly outline a couple more methods that you can deploy in order to keep your concrete floor in top condition and providing the service you desired when you initially made your investment.


Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Many facilities employ the use of concrete flooring as it is very durable and long lasting. However, there are ways you can make a concrete floor even more resilient which will cause it to last even longer. Polishing a concrete floor is a great way to extend and maximize your investment in your flooring.  Here are a few ways that a polished concrete floor is advantageous to have instead of an unpolished one.

Reduction of Necessary Maintenance = Saved $

Polished concrete floors are resistant to stains and the general wear and tear from the chemicals, tires, and everyday foot traffic that they may see. The necessity of periodically stripping and replacing wax and sealers disappears with polished concrete because the finish does not need to be reapplied.  Polished flooring also improves lighting with its reflective surface and is not abrasive to tires.

Dust Free

Unpolished concrete floors develop cracks and openings that house dust and also allow it to pass through to the floor’s surface. This leaves the floor with a coat of dust that can be both unsightly and unsafe. The dust from an unpolished floor will inevitably settle on everything in the room and create a scenario in which everything in your facility needs to be cleaned and maintained more frequently. Polishing a concrete floor eliminates this issue and presents a smooth, easy to clean surface that also will be more aesthetically pleasing.

Slip Resistance

Standard polishing is very slip resistant and meets OSHA’s standards for safety. The slip resistant qualities can be enhanced even further by adding special conditioners to the polish that augment the non-slip quality it will add to your flooring.

There are more benefits to having a polished concrete floor such as the fact that you can add designs to the floor to make your space more pleasing to the eyes. Whether focus on safety or visual appeal, a polished concrete floor is superior to an unpolished floor in every way. Call All Kote Lining Inc today and find out how a polished concrete floor can benefit you!


10 Tips to Maximize Your Cooling Towers

Here are 10 tips to help you get the most out of your cooling tower:

  1. Thoroughly check the condition of your units. Check for the presence of unfamiliar noises. Doings so routinely will give you a record of the behavior of your units so you have a better idea of when to schedule maintenance and repairs without minimal interruption to its everyday use.
  2. Make sure you follow protocol when it comes to beginning work on your unit. Make sure all lock out procedures are accurately followed and motors etc are disconnected. This is a safety measure and should be followed without exception.
  3. Clean all debris that may be near or in your cooling tower system to keep build ups from happening.
  4. Check the water distribution system to make sure the fill coil area is properly moisturized. If it is not uniformly moist, check nozzles for damage or clogging.
  5. Make sure debris and dirt in the cold water basin is washed through the tower drain. This is important because it allows for water filtration to remain effective and to keep dirt from starting to collect.
  6. Make sure the make-up water supply is at the appropriate level.
  7. Prevent solids from accumulating by making sure the bleed rate is adjusted to be in line with the quality of your water and the local evaporation rate regulations.
  8. Make sure the tension level of the belt is proper.
  9. The quality of the systems oil, its oil level, as well as the alignment of the shaft for the gear drive system of your tower.
  10. Make sure the bearings of the fan shafts are well lubricated at least every three months. You can even install automatic systems to grease your bearings.

These tips should help you maintain optimal operation of your cooling tower. Stay on top of your tower and it’s components by consistently monitoring their condition and performance.


Care For Your Epoxy Floor, Love Your Epoxy Floor

Aesthetic appeal can go a long way when it comes to presenting your business and maintaining a positive flow in your work environment. Many establishments use the setting to frame whatever products or services they showcase and many of them augment that ‘framing’ with a nice, classy looking epoxy floor. Having a quality epoxy floor installed is a sizable investment and it would greatly benefit your bottom line if you thoroughly take care of your floor. Epoxy flooring is easy to take care of so there really is no excuse for not keeping your floor maintained and presentable.

The first step in this process is the installation. Using a reputable epoxy flooring installation company is very important because a floor that is improperly installed will not last as long or be as easily maintained as a floor that has been efficiently and thoroughly installed. Spending a little more up front can save you from having to spend a lot more to redo the process later on.  All Kote Lining Inc in Phoenix, AZ  is a leader in epoxy flooring in Arizona and guarantees your satisfaction with their epoxy floor installations.

Keeping your floors clean will help lengthen the window of maximum efficiency and the overall life of your epoxy coat. Liquid spills should be quickly tended to when they occur as they are can do more damage than almost any other form of wear and tear that an epoxy coated floor will see. Certain types of liquids can quickly damage the coat if not cleaned up immediately, like milk for example.  Removing residue from tire marks is also important. General every day upkeep is also needed so the shining coat of the epoxy can be maintained.

Keeping your investment in your epoxy floor performing at the level you desire is a matter of taking some time out of your day every day to keep it making your facility and products looking as good as they should! Your flooring is a major part of any presentation of any product or service that you offer and the condition of it could be the difference between growing your business with new customers and watching people walk by or come in before leaving shortly afterward. Epoxy floors require minimal maintenance, so why would you not take great care of your epoxy flooring?? It’s easy and almost effortless and the benefits of doing so far outweigh any benefit you can gain from saving a few extra minutes instead of attending to your flooring. Love your floor.


Concrete and Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Our years of experience have led to us becoming the premier provider of foundation repairs in the Valley of the Sun. We can mend your existing foundation and bring it to a ‘like new’ state ensuring exponentially longer life and peace of mind for you, the home owner. Foundation settling is one of the most potentially devastating things that can happen to a foundation and, by extension, the entire structure. If settling is allowed to progress unchecked, it can lead to the overall failure of the structure.

Stained Concrete

Upgrade the interior of your office or facility with beautifully stained concrete. Add color, designs and personality to your flooring with the vast selection of available finishes and colors that are available to coat your concrete floor. All Kote can provide you with a number of gorgeous coatings that will take the aesthetic appeal of your spaces to the next level.

Grinding / Leveling

One of the ways you can ensure that your desired coating, new overlay, or needed repair adheres to the surface of your floor is profiling your floor with grinding. This technique is also great for removing coatings that may be in need of replacement or are no longer wanted. Profiling your concrete floors is recommended for both applying and removing coatings from an epoxy floor.

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is the result of a multi-stage process that includes using bonded abrasives along with grinding, honing polishing the surface of your concrete floor. The process is customized to achieve the desired level of gloss that the floor will display. This process also yields the most durable finish and will be as low maintenance as a concrete floor can get.

Concrete Polishing Contractor Phoenix Arizona

We offer some of the most efficient concrete floor polishes available and can equip you with a top rate, low maintenance floor.

Polished concrete floors are becoming more and more common and are often included in the construction plans for new buildings. The reason for its popularity is the combination of clean and dynamic appearance along with low maintenance requirements to keep your floor clean and functional. Another reason for its popularity is its versatility and ability to enhance so many varied environments. Public spaces, museums, government facilities, air plane hangars, auto dealerships, repair shops, in home, and garages are among the many places that can benefit from the presence of a polished concrete floor. If you run a display based business, having a elegantly polished concrete floor will add a degree of appeal to each and every one of your displays. In places like schools, polished floors help with the effort to keep the facility clean and sanitary which is vital as schools are a major focal point of public health issues. Another benefit these floors bring to schools is the fact that they are low maintenance. Schools are struggling for funding and resources across the country and saving money on maintenance costs will save precious time and money. Last but not least, polished concrete is environmentally friendly in comparison to other flooring types.

Concrete Grinding Contractor Phoenix Arizona

All Kote Lining Inc are experts at concrete grinding services provider in the Phoenix, AZ area. Interiors, exteriors, driveways, patios, porches, decks, foyers, and entry ways are all areas that may need concrete grinding in order to achieve the flooring you desire for your home or facility.  Whether you are looking to level the surface of your floor or looking to apply a new coating, our concrete grinding services are exactly what you need.

We grind driveways, patios, sidewalks, and all types of miscellaneous concrete slabs. We grind down trip hazards, and prep floors for new acrylic and epoxy coating overlays. Our grinding services are performed quickly and dust free.

Floor Grinding, Leveling

After the initial grinding of your concrete the next step is to apply whatever coating or repair you are in the market for. The benefits to grinding a floor before applying a new coating are a higher, shinier level of gloss finish, easy to clean, low maintenance and enhanced appearance. Concrete grinding is extremely beneficial for any concrete flooring in any facility.

All Kote Lining Inc is your go to company for any of your concrete flooring needs in the Phoenix, AZ area. Our floor grinding and coating services are second to none and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results of our work. Polished concrete is extremely beneficial to install in your home or business and you can reap all the benefits that come along with polished concrete flooring. Streamline your cleaning and maintenance process while enjoying the enhanced look that our floor coatings provide. All Kote Lining Inc has all of your flooring needs covered from top to bottom. (Really, no pun intended)


Cooling Tower Cleaning is Important!

Cleaning cooling towers is an enormous undertaking that involves steps that could include having to shut down your entire operation. When cleaning one of your towers it would be ideal to be able to divert the water flowing through the tower that is being cleaned to another tower where the heat extraction process can continue. If it is not possible for you to divert the water flow to an adjacent tower then you most likely will have to close operations until the cleaning of your tower is finished.

If it’s been a good amount of time since you cleaned your tower you most likely will have sludge build up present as well as mineral deposits that have developed. The sludge can be especially odorous and is a testament to why regular cleaning and maintenance are highly recommended. Delaying proper cleansing can also lead to issues with internal components of your cooling tower which will lead to slowed production and ultimately less money coming in. Aside from a possible drop in production, if pushed out too far, your cooling tower components could outright fail and need to be completely replaced which would both further the delay of your operations resuming and cost you a good amount of money.

Cooling towers are a major part of any operation that they are a component of and if they are present, it is because they are necessary for the process being carried out. If a cooling tower experiences issues, the entire operation is experiencing issues. Regular maintenance for not only your cooling tower, but all components of your facility is necessary in order to maximize production, efficiency and profitability. Pushing back cleaning and maintenance may seem like a smart move to save money in the immediate, but you may see the consequences in the future. Do it when it needs to be done, you’ll never regret it.


Floor Coating Options For Various Traffic Levels

Light Traffic

Industrial floors in areas that experience relatively light traffic then a liquid seal coating may be the appropriate choice for you and your floor. Liquid seals are good for protecting your floor against chips, scratches, flaking and damage from water. No need to overspend on a coat that does more than you need it to. Accurately assessing your needs can save you a lot of money.

Medium Traffic

If you have a floor that sees moderate or medium level traffic then you may want to consider the same liquid seal described above to get the base protection from chipping, flaking, scratching and water. Liquid seals can also protect against various chemicals, acids and sugars. Another option that should be considered are multi –layered floor coatings. These coatings add augmented levels of protection against the same elements as the liquid seal coat. Multi-layered floor coatings come in a variety of styles to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space that they occupy.

Heavy Traffic

In areas or facilities that see heavy duty traffic should consider thick resin coatings. These coatings are 2-3 millimeters thick and off a tough, super resistant and resilient surface that will protect against chemical spills, chipping, flaking, acids and sugars. There are hygienic options that can kill bacteria available for sensitive facilities. There are options that can withstand extreme tempereatures and wear and tear from things like tires, preventing  marks from vehicle traffic. There are options that can be as thick as 9 millimeters.  These coats will last for a very long time, especially if they receive regular maintenance and upkeep.

There are many options available in the realm of floor coatings, including custom coats that can host designs as well as provide long lasting protective service for your facility. Do your research and you will find the right flooring option for you.