Maintaining Your Concrete Floor Pt. 1

Concrete floors are easy to maintain and offer several advantages to high traffic and heavy duty facilities.  While it is extremely durable, there are a few things that concrete floors are susceptible to that should be attended to as they are easily avoidable.  Concrete floors can crack and those cracks can become potentially problematic if not quickly repaired. Mildew can also spread across the floor in environments with moisture present.  We will outline a few ways that you can augment the longevity of your concrete floor and keep your facility running clean and efficiently.  This is part 1, we will outline more methods next week in part 2. Without further ado, here is you the beginning of our list!

  1. Keep substances from building up on you floor: Keeping your floor swept and clear of dust buildup will keep your floor both safe and presentable. Dust is not the only substance that will build up on your floor, water and chemical spills can sit and erode at your floor and it’s coating if left unattended. Mopping and sweeping are important everyday steps that should be taken in order to ensure long lasting service from your concrete floor.
  2. Remove Stains: Certain substances can actually stain your concrete floor and leave it with an unattractive and glaring blemish. Some stains can be completely lifted with the proper cleaning materials, but the best way to prevent stains to clean all spills immediately. Removing stains that have set in can be painstaking and time consuming and the longer a substance sits, the more deeply set the stain will be in the pours of your concrete floor.


Next week we will return to briefly outline a couple more methods that you can deploy in order to keep your concrete floor in top condition and providing the service you desired when you initially made your investment.

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