Fiberglass and Storage Tank Inspection and Maintenance

Fiberglass and Storage Tank Inspection and Maintenance Phoenix AZ

What variables contribute to the degradation of storage tanks?

Some of the contaminants that affect the coating quality are varnish, gum, oils, and other contaminants. The fiberglass walls have a tendency to collect residue and sediment from carbon based organic and inorganic matter.  Some of the sediment is composed of silt, fine sand, and particles of clay.  These soil materials, while harmless, carry contaminants and microorganisms.  Given time these materials can harm your storage tanks.

Corrosion resistant fiberglass tanks while having corrosion resistant barriers can still degrade over time while storing even moderately corrosive materials.  Using the newest advances available in the industry such as FRP linings and specific polymer matrixes All Kote can help you ensure the containment of these chemicals before they can have a chance to have a corrosive effect. Thus preventing spills and wasted materials, time, and costly clean ups.

What does it take to maintain fiberglass tanks and steel tanks?

To keep fiberglass and steel tanks functioning at their best they need regular inspection and maintenance.  For municipalities, businesses, and private owners it’s easy to get busy and overlook the regularly scheduled maintenance of these tanks which provide a critical service to their operations.  As it’s impossible to predict when a tank might fail, having the inspections and repairs done regularly will help prevent any kind of catastrophic failure and spill of dangerous or expensive chemicals.  With All Kote we Inspect, repair, rehabilitate, and sandblast both fiberglass and steel tanks to ensure their performing up to your expectations and the EPA’s requirements.  It’s recommended that you inspect and regularly maintain your tank on a regular basis.  Contact us to get a more specific idea of what the requirements are based on what you’re storing to get a schedule set up for your business.

Two Ways to Protect and Save

Internal storage tank protection and repair

With our utilization of Belzona Polymeric coating and other materials our services will bond to many materials including, concrete, steel, FRP and GRP.

With professional experience spanning many years All Kote can help protect the internals of your storage tanks.  Applications can include wastewater treatment, water towers, containment tanks, fueling stations, steel holding tanks and much more.

Protection and repair of storage tanks exteriors

Using Belzona’s epoxy and coatings repair techniques and be applied to process vessles and storage tanks that are in-situ or even hot equipment.  The bond strength of Belzona materials is exceptional.

This can be used for external storage tanks for wastewater treatment, cooling towers, water towers, containment tanks, fueling stations, steel holding tanks and more.

Even if your fiber glass tank has had a breach the professionals with All Kote can evaluate if the overall structural integrity is still intact.  This can mean that our technicians may be able to fabricate a new corrosion barrier and get you back in business.

Best of all is having a local Phoenix based storage tank inspection specialist that understands the harsh demands that are put on our equipment with the heat and sun.

Fiberglass Storage Tank Inspection & Maintenance Phoenix


If you have any questions about inspection or maintenance for your storage tanks, or have repairs that need to be handled give us a call at 480-966-4446 or use our Contact Form.

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