Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Many facilities employ the use of concrete flooring as it is very durable and long lasting. However, there are ways you can make a concrete floor even more resilient which will cause it to last even longer. Polishing a concrete floor is a great way to extend and maximize your investment in your flooring.  Here are a few ways that a polished concrete floor is advantageous to have instead of an unpolished one.

Reduction of Necessary Maintenance = Saved $

Polished concrete floors are resistant to stains and the general wear and tear from the chemicals, tires, and everyday foot traffic that they may see. The necessity of periodically stripping and replacing wax and sealers disappears with polished concrete because the finish does not need to be reapplied.  Polished flooring also improves lighting with its reflective surface and is not abrasive to tires.

Dust Free

Unpolished concrete floors develop cracks and openings that house dust and also allow it to pass through to the floor’s surface. This leaves the floor with a coat of dust that can be both unsightly and unsafe. The dust from an unpolished floor will inevitably settle on everything in the room and create a scenario in which everything in your facility needs to be cleaned and maintained more frequently. Polishing a concrete floor eliminates this issue and presents a smooth, easy to clean surface that also will be more aesthetically pleasing.

Slip Resistance

Standard polishing is very slip resistant and meets OSHA’s standards for safety. The slip resistant qualities can be enhanced even further by adding special conditioners to the polish that augment the non-slip quality it will add to your flooring.

There are more benefits to having a polished concrete floor such as the fact that you can add designs to the floor to make your space more pleasing to the eyes. Whether focus on safety or visual appeal, a polished concrete floor is superior to an unpolished floor in every way. Call All Kote Lining Inc today and find out how a polished concrete floor can benefit you!

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