Corroding Storage Tanks in Phoenix

Corroding Storage Tanks Coating in Phoenix
When it comes to storage tanks in Phoenix there are two ways to handle it, prevention or repair.  The first is obviously less costly and dangerous as the liquids stored at you job site might either be environmentally dangerous or just plain costly and a spill would more than dent the bottom line. Don’t let corroding storage tanks cause you headaches, or end up costing you money in fines.

There are a lot of ways we store liquids in storage tanks, on trucks, in the ground, above the ground and even on railways.  The thing they all have in common is the fact that the fuel, water, waste or other materials put our tanks in a constant state of degradation.  Even with things like water our tanks are under the effects of time and oxidation.  With your alkalis, acids and organic wastes that process is dramatically increased and can turn your tank into a rusting, crumbled wreck and spill your liquids onto, or into the ground.

Fines from the EPA if a tank begins to leak are not cheap and obviously you’re trying to run a business that’s in the black.  Not only could this be costly in terms of fines, but depending on the type of material your storing it could harm the environment.

The walls of storage tanks are not just for keeping the fluids in, but they are an integral part of the structural integrity of the tank.  If these are compromised by rust, or other corrosion, they can collapse and topple over.   This can be especially dangerous if you have personnel in the area that could get trapped under or be harmed by falling tanks or debris.

Another important facet of caring for your tanks is the idea of cross-contamination, or the loss of “purity” of your intended storage need.  An example of this is if you are storing or transporting drinking water.  It’s critical to keep something that is intended for being ingested totally pure and chemical free.  Having a storage tank or a tank on the back of a truck that is compromised can lead to contamination.  Even if it’s not something that is meant for human consumption and is a chemical agent it will not perform if its chemical makeup is changed by a leaking tank.

Belzona Storage Tank Coating

Clearly the need for regular tank maintenance is necessary to avoid costly clean ups, fines, and to avoid potentially harming the environment.  Belzona is a ceramic filled epoxy coating that is designed to provide erosion and corrosion resistance to metal surfaces.

This 2-part epoxy coating is solvent free and has outstanding chemical resistance and will bond to just about any rigid surface, including FRP, GRP, concrete and steel. Its high compressive strength means it can hold up to high pressures and it can be used to create a perfect shim.  Belzona’s chemical makeup allows it to be applied and cure at normal room temperatures, which alleviates the need for any hot work to apply the coating.

Belzona Secondary Containment Protection and Repair

If there is or has been some damage to the areas surrounding your storage tanks Belzona’s concrete repair composites offer excellent impact resistance and adhesion to concrete surfaces.  These protective coatings are chemical resistant reduce downtime and provide long term protection to a variety of chemicals, including alkalis and acids, even at high temperatures. Given Belzona’s superior flexibility it can stay intact and provide continued protection even if the concrete begins to crack.  It is also possible to spray or brush Belzona on for quick application to reduce your downtime and get your operation back in gear and producing.

If you’re concerned about the integrity of your storage tank call the professionals at All Kote Lining, Inc.  You can get your questions answered, schedule free evaluations, and even set up a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that your operation runs without one of these failed storage tank nightmares. Call 480-966-4446 or visit the webpage at All Kote Lining, Inc.

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